Baby Darby at 16 Weeks!

How Big is Baby? About the size of an avocado. Average of 4.6  inches from crown to rump and a little over 3.5oz. He or She is growing bigger and bigger everyday!

Major changes occurring?

Not too many major changes are occuring, baby is just getting bigger and stronger with every passing day. Baby can definitely hear Charles and I talking to him or her. Knowing he or she can finally hear us makes being pregnant so real.

I haven’t felt any movement from baby but doctors say for first time moms, it’s completely normal to not  feel anything until 22 weeks. That seems like forever away, so hopefully I will feel him or her soon!

His or Her hair is starting to sprout on their cute little noggin. They also have eyelashes and eyebrows. I think they are going to come out blonder than all get out. Both Charles and I were pretty blonde headed kiddos. We shall see soon!



One thought on “Baby Darby at 16 Weeks!

  1. hello, my name is meri. i happened upon your blog while looking for a picture of an avocado for my sister who is also expecting. I want to congratulate you on your expected bundle of joy and wish you all the happiness in the world. you and your baby will be in my prays. =D congratulations once again!

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