Baby Darby at 15 Weeks!

How Big is Baby? About the size of a naval orange. Average of 4 inches from crown to rump and a little over 2.5oz. He or She is growing bigger and bigger everyday!

Major changes occurring?

Litte baby is dancing away. Hopefully only a couple more weeks before I can finally feel my little dancing queen…or king.

ALL of baby’s joints and limbs are working now and fluidly too. She can bend her arms and legs, open and close her little fists and clench her little toes.

It’s too soon for me to feel but she or he may have the case of the hiccups from time to time.

Baby’s day is not all sleeping its actually full of practice. Practicing to swallow, sucking and breathing.

Baby’s facial features are also becoming more properly positioned on his or her little face. The ears are in their permanent home and the eyes continue to move towards the front of the face.

That’s all this week for baby’s development! Stay tuned for new and exciting updates next week!


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