Baby Darby at 14 Weeks

How Big is Baby? About the size of a lemon. Average of 3.4 inches from crown to rump and a little over 1.5oz. He is growing bigger and bigger everyday!




Major changes occurring?

Little baby is able to suck his tumb and is still wiggling his little toes! He is also starting to grow hair on his cute little head, I am going to guess he’s blonde and can be. His little eyebrows are also starting to come in. In addition to hair on his head and face he is growing a thin layer of downy hair calle lanugo, largely there for warmth. He will lose this layer of hair once he has accumulated fat to keep him warm.

This part grosses Charles out the most but little baby is actually producing urine. Don’t worry it’s just amniotic fluid but he swallows it to practice “eating” which will be essential to survival once out of the womb. If he’s “eating” that means he’s producing urine, putting his kidneys are doing their job! Don’t worry none of this hurts little baby it is actually very very beneficial to his survival later on!

That pretty much sums up Baby Darby’s development this week…in one more week there will be a whole bunch of new and exciting developments, so stay tuned!


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