Baby Darby at 13 Weeks

How Big is Baby? About the size of a peach. Average of 2.9 inches from crown to rump and a little over 3/4 oz. He is growing bigger and bigger everyday! Annnddd…his big ole’ head is  only 1/3 the size of his body instead of 1/2 the size. He is becoming more proportial and looking less and less like an alien everyday!


Major changes occurring? With all systems ago, smaller “luxuries” such as his vocal cords are forming. I’m sure we won’t think they are that sweet in a few months when he is screaming at 3 AM. But for now they are they most precious vocal cords! 🙂

Mister Darby also has fingerprints this week! He is also forming tooth buds, don’t worry his little chompers won’t pop through until he’s about 6 months.

He used to make jerky movements but he has been practicing all week and is now moving fludily like a ballerina.

Also, if you could peek at him, you could clearly see all of his blood vessles, organs, and little bones forming. His skin is see-through and will continue to become less so over the next few months.

That pretty much sums up Baby Darby’s development this week…in one more week there will be a whole bunch of new and exciting developments, so stay tuned!





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