Baby Darby at 12 Weeks!

I just realized that I didn’t give you an update on what’s going on with baby! So here are all the stats on Baby Darby this week. 

How Big is Baby? About the size of a plum. Average of 2.1 inches from crown to rump and about 1/2 oz. Still very tiny but considering that 8 weeks ago they were the size of the period at the end of this sentence, that’s HUGE.

ImageMajor changes occurring? The majority of little baby Darby’s major organs are fully formed and in place (his intestines have begun to move from the umbilical cord to their permanent home in his abdomen), growth & maturation of those systems are on the agenda for the next 28 weeks! 

Mister Darby’s face is also taking on further definition this week, as his chin and nose become more refined and make their way to their permanent home on his sweet little face! (his eyes are no longer on the side of his head like a little fish)His little hands and feet are also busy growing fingernails and toenails, hopefully he doesn’t scratch himself before he gets here! 

Reflexes are also beginning to form, if we poked him he would likely move. He is also learning how to open and close his tiny little fists and curling his tiny little piggies. 

That pretty much sums up Baby Darby’s development this week…in one more week there will be a whole bunch of new and exciting developments, so stay tuned! 






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